Behind the scenes: Behind your daily

We were told to be a strong and independent grown-ups. When you’re alone in the stranger street, passerby walking and neon light shining, you lost your way even there’s only one path in front of your step. That one incident that trapped you since then, the panic towards unknowns, some people decided to cover them up with packed schedule, from the minute they woke up till the minute they lay down on bed, stuffed timeline makes them less burdened.
It’s easy to get lost in the crowd, walking aimlessly and deceiving yourself that you’re on the way to success. It’s hard to realize a beacon that lead us, makes us fearless despite of the heavy storms and misty path. Things change rapidly when you’re drenched in emotions, they devour hopes and happiness but you’ll never get to know. Until one day when you wake up from that nightmare, some opportunity might be too late to grasp. The movie ‘Along With God: The Two World’ quoted: ‘Don’t shred your new tears for those which has passed.’ Release yourself from the cage, grab the best thing(s) around you and move on, always keep in mind that the best is always on their way to you.
[JJE, Curator]

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