Discover: Unite Different Spaces In Xiang Jiang

The existing house in Xiang Jiang, Beijing was having a makeover recently.

Claesson Koivisto Rune enlivens the mundane house into a Scandinavian-inspired space, looking ordinary on the outside but it's a completely different ambience once you are in it. 

Pale wood used for panelling throughout the house contributes a calm and peaceful atmosphere for interior. 

"Natural materials, the wood in particular, creates warmth and psychological wellbeing," claimed the architects.

Uniting pale wood wall harmonises with calm and light coloured items, a dimmer control can be used to alter the ambience within the house. 

"The contemporary Scandinavian ambience is in contrast to the 'international-classical' exterior," said the studio, "With this contrast, the calm you meet when entering is unique: a completely ordinary house has been given an extraordinary interior."

"A horizon line is established that runs through every room in the house," said the studio. "The door height determines the horizon level."

"This classic horizon motif is architecturally calming and creates a powerful spatial flow that unites all of the interior."

A combination of contemporary pieces and classic design throughout the property lives out a peaceful corner in the crowded Beijing. 

Offcuts from the wall panels were built into 60 small stools are used for the owner's antiques collection. 

Claesson Koivisto Rune rearranged the floorplan, while having a large space for family and friends gathering, private spaces were widely reserved as well. 

"The entrance floor is particularly well suited for the entire family to congregate, or to entertain guests," said the architects. "But each floor above has its secondary living rooms for parents and children respectively."

Part of communal areas were filled with comfy yet aesthetic furniture which are from several infamous designers, and the extra-large conical pendant lamp above designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune.


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