Furniture Mix-And-Match

Every wonder why you’ve put so much efforts in picking your furniture, but in the end it still turns out not to be what you expected? Check out how to avoid happening of this incident by picking the right colour:

1. Low Vibrance 

Home is a place for relaxing and be yourself, picking some low-key colour might actually helps easing your all-day-stress and chill. 

I know how excited it is when putting stuff you love into your first home, but that doesn’t mean you have to fill it with your preferences and ignore the fact that it might be exhausting after a long hour stares, right?

(Similar Sideboard to be found in New Morgan Series)

2. Less Is More

If your furniture swatch has exceeded more than 3 colours, then you might need a second thought about really buying them. There is no right or wrong in using what kind of furniture you want in your house, but the key point is to keep them clean and simple.

White, black, grey, metallic and wooden accent belong to the family of timeless design. Just a little touch of vibrant colours like red, pink and light blue, it’s another level of home that anyone would desired for!

3. Fifty Shades of Greys

Humble and Intense, this is why greyish tones are always modern homestyle top picks. They’re extremely calming, and easy to match with other colours.

Another reason why you don’t need too many considerations on picking another furniture for your grey L-shape sofa— based on colour study— grey is the most harmonising colour since if you mix all the same amount colours together, they’ll all results in grey colour.

(Similar coffee table and leaning book shelf to be found in Hill Collection and Natural Signature.)

4. Contrast 

Contrast colours are challenging and everybody knows it! However, there are myriads of colours differences that’ll make contrast colour an icon of modern living.

Mix the elements and create layers for your concept, you can consult your interior designer if you’re about to try this. Trust their sense and not interrupt your designer’s creativity, maybe the come out will be astonishing! 

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