Getting Into the Christmas Spirit: Home Decor Ideas for the Holidays

Add Holiday Cheer to Your Home Decor This Christmas!

With Christmas coming around in a few weeks’ time, it’s time to get that holiday cheer on and spruce up your home decor. So that when family and friends drop by your place, you’ll be sure that your living room will emanate the spirit of the holidays.

Aside from pulling out that old Christmas tree and lights from that box that’s been sitting in your storage untouched since last year, interior designers and stylists have released a list of things you might want to try to spice up your home decor in time for the holidays.

Christmas Colors and Pieces

One obvious way of getting your living room ready for the holidays is to add Christmas pieces and going with classic greens and reds as the motif. Adding foliage, the traditional holly and ivy placed inside a decorative storage piece like the TOOLBOX Basket from Natural Signature is a simple decor idea that can make all the difference.

Another great color combination you could try out this Christmas is to go with copper and rose gold pieces which have been trending throughout the year. Adding a few pieces to the living room just to give an accent of copper and/or gold will complement the space by giving it a certain warm and festive aura.

Turning Classic and Functional Storage into Decor Space

People will most likely fill your living room and it’s important to make maximize the space and pieces in it to make focal points for your Christmas decor. One idea is to turn functional pieces like your bookshelves into decor space by placing simple pieces on it. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about making extra space in your living room for your decor, making this a perfect and practical idea for those with limited spaces.

Storage pieces like the Natural Signature ZIG ZAG Divider is simple and timeless. Made from solid rubber wood, the natural colors will definitely complement your living room’s holiday color motif.

Make the Space Warm and Cozy

Christmas is all about gathering around to share stories with family and friends, that’s why it is important to make your living room warm and cozy for everyone. To achieve this, designers suggest to add additional seating and winter warmers like blankets and cushions.

Add some more seating space for your loved ones and guests by getting pieces like the LANDMASS 3 Seater Sofa set from Natural Signature. Not only will the additional seating make your guests more comfortable, but the subtle color will surely go with your Christmas decor.

Adding a Drinks Station

Since the living room will be the central point for gathering during the holidays, going back and forth to and from the kitchen just to fetch your guests drinks might will become tiresome at some point. Which is why designers suggest to include a drinks station in your living room so that everything is within reach.

Drinks stations need not be big bars or counters. Simple end tables such as the LONDON BRIDGE Functional Table from Natural Signature are already big enough to hold a few bottles and glasses for your Christmas gathering.

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