Is Coffee Table A Necessity?

Bet everyone has that one mind in them that coffee table is a must for their house, but really, is it necessary?

Let me give you a picture of a coffee table that every family owns — where you actually find that coffee table wasn't useful at all — if there’s something else that can hold the tiny stuff that scattered on the coffee table we just pictured. 

In fact, there are many things that can substitute coffee table, especially when the unit you’re owning has very limited space.

1. Ottoman

First, it is multifunctional. Second, it is space-saving. Third, it’s easy to move here and there. Coffee Table seems to be useless especially it is basically another thing that makes your living room looks fussier.

There are even ottomans with storage underneath yet visually pleasing:




2. Side Table

It possesses the same functionality as coffee table, however it occupies less space than coffee table, especially for this FIKA Side Table. Move it to the centre when you need it, place it back to the side of sofa. This side table is foldable, which means in another hand, you can bring it for your family outing or  picnic gathering use!

Consider buying a side table with drawers to organise your keys or remote control. 


3. Rugs

Rugs are another alternative when you feel like filling something up in your living room, but not wanting it to block the path. It can also be another decoration that boost up the ambience, and a comfy sitting area when friends are gathering in your house. 

Or maybe a spacious sofa like LOVER Sofa Set is what you need:

4. Bean Bags/Cushion

This is another top recommendation for cozy home. Bean bags or cushions are very cozy for Netflix night, and much more easier to keep clean than rugs. 


If friends gathering is one of the reasons you chose to purchase coffee table, then you should consider these furniture over coffee table because in conclusion, coffee tables are just an additional stuff for spacious house. Every inches of your property costs you money, hence it is not necessary for us to place something that may be useless to us. On top of everything mentioned, coffee table isn’t a child-friendly furniture when you got few kids that need space for their toys. So why not spare some space for them and use more space-saving yet multifunctional furniture?

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