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Sitting in front of Marcus, I was wondering if he ever hated his ringtone? Because I do. It has been ringing since Marcus stepped into the store, and it is still ringing when we close the store at 8pm. As a typical millennial, I used to see myself with a reliable team partners with a classy studio in future, but then I decided to put them aside, knowing I’m not gifted to deal with thousands of phone calls a day. 

Back then when I was studying in high school, one of my friend said he’s going to start his own company soon. “When?” I asked, “this week,” he answered, with a proud smile on the face. Since that day on, “entrepreneur” becomes a #1 trending discussion in my daily, I found myself surrounded by theories and opinions about dreams and founding a business — I was deeply affected by those sayings and spent a year working in a studio which I claimed to be “my dream workplace”, turns out facing reality issue and conclude a fact (for me) about achieving dreams. They are not going to last with empty passions and immature experiences and eventually rotten under the pressure of realities. 

For me, being a founder, a capable leader and policymaker of the entire company, decisions were no more made for your own preferences. It is related the entire members who were involved with your business and one missed opportunity sometimes goes like butterfly effect that leads to different results. If people are expecting the founder of a business must be relaxing at somewhere else, they will probably disappointed by seeing him/her despairing in unlimitedly increasing tasks. 

Our Danga Utama showroom was undergoing soft-launching recently. Arranging those gigantic furnishings is exhausting but otherwise everyone will be thrilling in fascinating furnishings. I remember first time visiting the half-completed Big Brain in Danga Utama, Marcus’s partner — Keith, was not having fun with the sofas in the second floor. They took around two weeks time to finally decide where to display most of the furniture, however, there are still an absent family — The Eden Collection, who are on the midway to destination. 

[JJE, Curator]

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