SANTOS R.Teak Root Hanging Lamp

SANTOS R.Teak Root Hanging Lamp


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Why we love it?

- We believe that nature is the cure for the stress of modern society and the remedy for our world-weariness, that is why Eden Collection finds joy in keeping things pure and authentic
- We use 100% natural and reclaimed teak wood and roots in our timeless designs
- We play with the conception of modern society and strive to find calm and peace in nature, mother nature is our inspiration for everything that we do
- Asymmetry, asperity (roughness or irregularity), simplicity, austerity, modesty, intimacy, and appreciation of the ingenuous integrity of natural objects and processes
- We celebrate cracks and crevices and all the other marks that time, weather and loving use leave behind. It reminds us that we are all but transient beings on this planet – that our bodies as well as the material world around us are in the process of returning to the dust from which we came
- Finding beauty in what really matters in life: spending life with friends and family, enjoying, taking time for yourself and for each other, be natural


Product Name: SANTOS Reclaimed Teak Root Hanging Lamp
Brand: Eden Collection by Big Brain

Reclaimed Teak Wood (and/or roots, branches)

For material information and maintenance, click here

Dimension(s): 300 x 300 x 500mm
Warranty: No warranty needed
What's in the box:

1x SANTOS R.Teak Root Hanging Lamp

* Light bulb(s) not included

View at showroom: No
Packaging Size:


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