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To embrace the concept of well-organized lifestyle, we know a house for your tiny items are important too. Your watches, tiny toys collection, fancy succulent plants or your midnight tidbits, they can have a home now!

1. TIC-TAC-TOE Multipurpose Box

This Tic-Tac-Toe Multipurpose Box is too flexible that you can align your storage in any ways— just to meet your needs. It belongs to our Fancy Wall series, which is mean it is also a decorative item that gives your dull wall a new face, in the meantime it keeps your tiny accessories neat and tidy! 


2. BALLET Dresser

Introducing another handy item which is here to save your day. You know how frustrated it’ll be if you’ve owned a messy dressing table, what make it worse are those crossing cables of your hair devices. These chaotic scenarios are not okay.




You don’t need much space for this BALLET Dresser, however it is more than enough to home your beauty products and cosmetics, as well as your hair devices. There are two holes on the side, dedicated for your hair blower, hair straightener and maybe hair brush and more.

Built-in mirror with spacious storage for your cosmetics, this table does reserves another drawer for you to store more accessories. You can also place an acrylic container to organise your BALLET Dresser better!

3. ROBOT Chest


"ROBOT Chest is such a bulky storage item,” said no one ever. It’s a helpful assistant as a side table or a nightstand, myriad sizes of drawers help you to keep different sizes of objects. There are holes on the side where you can place hooks on it to hang your keys or wallet. That’s how useful this ROBOT Chest is! 

4. PIZZA Coffee Table


"One who shares a piece of my pizza is the one I love indeed.” 

PIZZA Coffee Table is space-saving and suitable for compact life. You can use it as a coffee table when it’s united, you can share it to your loved one on the other side of your sofa, and still remain the other part for own use. 

One thing we know about this coffee table that it is a loving furniture which is designed for life!

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