Big Brain Reviews

Big Brain Furniture Store Reviews

Big Brain, a locally owned furniture store in Johor Bahru north-east neighborhood is one of the highest rated furniture stores in the city.

We've worked hard to deliver a first class furniture store experience and quality products using eco-friendly materials and Johoreans and Singaporeans are responding with great reviews.

What do customers praise Big Brain? Why do review sites say that we're one of the best furniture stores in Johor Bahru? Well, not to brag, but here's a smattering of the highlights from our reviews:

  • Our attentive, personal service
  • Great selection of unique furniture
  • No hassle 7 day return policy
  • Affordable pricing and best price policy

We're a small business and we've read every piece of feedback or review we receive — so your comments will be taken to heart and help us improve our furniture store experience.

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