Discover: Minimalistic Greeneries In Texas

In Texas, there is an old groceries store recently having a big makeover. A group of designers have collaborated with Hank's restaurant and made an astonishing transformation for their new store in a mall located in the city's Windsor Park.

Jessie Katz and Andy Means, a couple who owned the restaurant have found a design team after their first was destroyed by a fire. 

White walls, green panelling and metallic accent, the restaurant came back to life with well aligned dining areas and relaxing ambient. 

Stark white walls inside out provided a blank canvas for natural texture, various plants and succulents contributed to enliven the entire atmosphere that decorated the restaurant.

"The pretty natural light, minimalist desert modern atheistic, placement of house plants and succulents, and attention to detail on the project has made it a perfect spot," said a statement from the team.

Light wood booths and table on the open floor plan has created the restaurant an uniform visual. Steel elements were widely used in many sections, contributed the restaurant an easy-talking ambience all daylight. 

Overhead are globe rattan shades, adding a vintage feel to the restaurant, which is carried through to an outdoor patio decorated with wicker Acapulco chairs.

"The design intent was to make the space feel warm, comfortable, and inviting while maintaining an organic sophistication," said the team.

Overall, the interiors are designed to tie with Austin's climate.

Outdoor dining area features white dining sets, green plants and black steel material, drew connection between indoor and outdoor designs. 

Branding was done by Chelsea Fullerton Jones, Emma Brooks, Melina Sweet, and Lauren Cunningham, with logo and lettering by Mia Carameros and Sarah Wymer.

Other illustrations were made by Rebecca Clarke, and Norma Jeanne Maloney painted the cafe's signs.

Photography is by Wynn Myers.

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