Everything to about Eden Collection (Product Information & Maintenance)

The teak that we use is reclaimed from various sources such as old houses, bridges, boats, railway sleepers and more, and can easily be 80 years old before it is used in our furniture. Since the wood has been used before it has inevitable characteristics and markings. We insert patches in the wood to fill in holes and do not remove materials from use over time such as nails. Please note that all these materials can cause rust which in turn might stain the product itself or cause sedimentation on the floor.

Wood furniture is likely to develop stains over time. This includes minor black spots that occur where nails or bolts have been left in the furniture. This will not compromise the quality of the wood itself.

Items that are made of teak roots or branches vary in size since depending on the available material that is sourced at the time of production. The dimensions in the descriptions are indicative. Actual product dimensions may deviate.

Solid wood is a natural product and is subject to external influences. Cracks and changes in color are to be expected. Each piece will age differently and develop its own unique character. When left outdoors the wood will develop a grey patina.

Our wooden tables are originally designed for indoor use, but we can easily adjust their design for outdoors. In this case we will alter the construction of the table top and leave some room in between the individual boards so that water can run through and the wood has room to expand. This way the wood will not warp or crack as easily.

Wood is a natural product and is not treated against stains. Unless sealed it will absorb liquids from leaves, food (i.e. olive oil), drinks (i.e. wine, coffee), etc. Our natural wood products are not lacquered or varnished in order to show their true beauty.

There are a lot of wood care products on the market. Our advice is, to clean and nourish the teak from time to time with a small amount of natural glycerin-based soap. For indoor use we recommend Teak Protector Spray which covers the table with a thin protective layer. As this wears off over time, especially when the wood is used intensely, the treatment should be regularly reapplied. Please note that teak fumé cannot be treated with TPS and should instead be polished or waxed.

Wood is a living product that moves with time and can shrink and expand under the influence of humidity and temperature changes. To minimize the risk of cracking the relative air humidity should be controlled and held constant (60-65%). Tables should remain leveled in order to avoid contortion and destabilization of the construction.

Hardwoods such as teak contain natural colorants such as tannins that are dissolvable in water. As a result, a discoloration from yellow to brown or red may occur when the wood comes in contact with liquid or even water-based paint or is put in a moist environment. These natural tannins can also emerge from the wood and affect any products or surfaces surrounding the wood.

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