Handy Stuff You Might Need for your Own Convenient

1.Styler Dressing Organization - Macaron (마카롱) Family

“Keeping Things in Their Places” was listed #5 hardest thing to achieve in the world, especially when you’re a manicure and lipsticks maniac. We got an assistant here which is a good news for every messy dresser, introducing you the new member of our Macaron Family, Styler. 

Right when you assume it is another lame container with fancy face for your own convenience, it is going to surprise you with another function, which it can also hold your hair devices and tidy up your dresser with cable-free table top!

A detachable Under Holder that can organise your lipsticks collection, there is a storage that you can leave your others accessories in it! 

2. Kong Onedoo Coffee Capsule Storage Case - Macaron (마카롱) Family

How about a clean and tidy breakfast counter in the morning? To start your day with a good cup of coffee, there is one cheerful item you could have and it will also arrange your coffee capsules! Start the day with a friendly smile, it’s going to be a wonderful day, don’t you think so?

Another fact of Kong Wondo is that it’s multifunctional and suitable for you to place anywhere. Its adjustable docks allow you to change the storage space, which is mean you can use it on study desk for pen holder, leave it on the side table for keys, place it on your dresser for accessories… you name it. 

3.【Clearance】New Macaron (마카롱) Dressing Table L (White) - Macaron Family


There are rising trends about people began to turn against basic-height-furniture and start making their room warm and comfy by placing beds and study tables on floor or platform. 

Here comes some compact dressing kits for your room that might be perfect for your Tatami concept. It combined tissue box, mirror and storage spaces for your cosmetics and beauty products. This dressing table comes in 2 sizes and can disguise itself  into a decoration item once you finish your make up routine!



4.【Clearance】New Macaron (마카롱) Multy Table (Brown) - Macaron Family

Space-saving table that you can use for multiple purposes. There are several docks that makes it suitable for your nightstand, and maybe a taller but compact dresser. 


It can hold your smartphone on it while giving space for your charger to go through, and a storage beneath for your tiny items. 


If you still wonder why would people put this item in their carts, just look at its lovely smile. Just kidding, it’s also an appropriate gifts for housewarming, birthdays and more gathering events! So why not buy one for your friends and let Macaron Family deliver your heartfelt message? 

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