Home Decor Trends That You Wouldn't Want To Miss

Remember the last time you stepped into a friend's house and wonder why his/her house is always a pleasure that you wished to stay there for forever? Learn how to style your home right and all you need is just the right item!

1. Rustic Warm Brown


The overwhelming pale wood tone has taken over the trends of recent years and it's time to move on, though. Set yourself to head to the warm side this year, we've came to a year about calm and mature household. 2018 is the year where retro glamour steps in, and the right choice of fusion meant more than anything. 

New Retro Console Table w/ Mirror & Stool 

Retro finishings, such as these surfaces that looks like your grandmother's dressing console table in her 20s, are made timeless thanks to rich wood stains. This dressing console table set looks completely glam with its simple silhouette, and most importantly, the items and wall colour which are timeless have showed off the texture of the Mahogany wood. 

2. Natural Texture

My Signature Londoner 7-pcs Dining Set (Wood Slab)

Artisan texture created perfect patterns for every item it was on, however it will never surpass the beauty of nature. Raw edges such as wood slab design of this dining table, it's irresistible to touch and feel -- you don't even need to step into the woods to feel the nature. 

3. Metallic Accents

My Londoner Signature TV Cabinet (Sideboard)

Metallic touch isn't new for wooden furniture, what makes them more glamorous is the golden finishing on the metal! Brass is the most sophisticated and organic of the metallic colour palette. Brass furniture pieces, mirrors and accessories all help to add a luxurious finish to any room.


My Signature Londoner Dressing Console Set w/ Stool


My Signature Londoner 6-Drawer Wide Chest w/ Mirror


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