Masstige Deco - Next Generation of Furniture

MASSTIGE DECO from South Korea was founded in 2005 with the goal of offering unique and fashionable furniture designs with reasonable pricing. Dubbed as “The next generation of furniture”, MASSTIGE DECO designs are highly received by consumers, especially millennials. The brand was listed as the ‘Most Popular Furniture Brand amongst Newly-weds’ in 2011 on Naver.com, a well-known South Korea web portal.

Mass + Prestige

The name ‘Masstige’ is a combination of the English words ‘Mass’ and ‘Prestige’ to signify that MASSTIGE DECO is a prestige brand that resonates with the masses. The design and production teams in Korea and Indonesia diligently produce modern and contemporary designs that celebrate style and comfort. There is something for everyone; each series has something to offer, ensuring that consumers find the ideal furniture that adds warmth and joy to their dream home.

Masstige - Next Generation of Furniture


It is undeniable that Korean dramas or K-dramas have been taking the world by storm over the last few years. Some notable drama series include “Master Sun”, “A Hundred Year-Long Legacy”, “Bel Ami” and “Emergency Couple”. 

The K-Wave has brought increased interest in anything Korean-related, including Korean ‘fashion furniture’. With their unique designs and use of pastel sweet colours, MASSTIGE DECO has become a hit with various Korean films and television shows. According to statistics, MASSTIGE DECO pieces have appeared in over 148 films and have given K-drama lovers all over a fresh, new experience when it comes to Korean interior decoration.

MASSTIGE DECO has also gained wide popularity outside of Korea, in countries such as Hong Kong, Europe, United States of America, Japan and China as well. Be it for newly-wed couples, young adults just entering the working industry, or simply for those who seek to breakthrough from the traditional mold, MASSTIGE DECO products help to redefine home décor for each individual with its distinct style.

In Korea itself, there are more than 30 artistes and celebrities who fell in love with MASSTIGE DECO and strongly recommend the brand.


Meet Mr Kim Ji-soo, the Art Director of MASSTIGE DECO. As a man with a profound artistic style and a unique outlook on home décor, his ideas and special touch are translated into each piece of MASSTIGE DECO furniture. By thinking outside the box, he is responsible for giving MASSTIGE DECO its unique flair with pieces that are well-loved by millennials all over.


In June 2003, MASSTIGE DECO has won the CERM Award by The Korea Technology Finance Corporation (Kibo). MASSTIGE DECO is the first of its kind in the industry to be awarded this recognition based on beauty, practical design and research & development (R&D), further cementing the fact that MASSTIG DECO is at the forefront of stylishness.

Quality is of paramount importance to MASSTIGE DECO as only the most premium raw materials are used while every layer goes through strict quality checks during the assembly. For instance, the TYME series uses advanced textured wood, mahogany and high density environmental-friendly board for its furniture. Since entering the market 12 years ago, it is safe to say that MASSTIGE DECO is the top choice for consumers.

MASSTIGE DECO’s main target market are consumers in their 20s and 30s who are also very responsive to the latest trends. Besides beautifying the homes of this niche customer base, MASSTIGE DECO is synonymous to a lively, relaxed lifestyle that its consumers strive for.


At the moment, MASSTIGE DECO has 18 different series to offer. One of the reasons why MASSTIGE DECO stands out from the crowd is their speed and accuracy in capturing trends. The brand has successfully positioned themselves as a premium brand that is able to meet the market needs. Interestingly, among the Top 30 products sold on Korean television networks, 13 of them are MASSTIGE DECO products.


Big Brain is brand loved and trusted by many in Malaysia. The Big Brain team prides themselves in scouring the world for the most desirable pieces of furniture and incorporate them with a distinct lifestyle element. By doing so, they provide a solution to consumers with a strong sense of style, without the hefty price. Each furniture series in Big Brain are categorized by geographical range to suit any kind of individual.

MASSTIGE DECO is the industry leader in Korea in terms of design, manufacturing and global reach. The brand encourages consumers to live by their own terms and never stop embracing their uniqueness. The collaboration between Big Brain and MASSTIGE DECO is unsurprising due to the synergy in concepts and vision for both brands. Big Brain is now able to provide creative solutions to customers who are seeking new, varied options by bringing in MASSTIGE DECO products directly from Korea, ensuring that the local furnishing scene enjoys the same standard of living and meticulous style on a global scale.

Wait no more and take a look on four MASSTIGE DECO's furniture series introduced by BIG BRAIN in first wave:

My Signature Londoner (런더너)

Tyme (Take your time: 천천히해)

Macaron (마카롱) Family

Frigo (프리고)

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