Space-saving Furniture For Tiny Apartment

The struggles of living in tiny space are real. Multi-functional cabinet, slender book shelf, wall decoration -- you name it, designers launched millions of furniture for tiny apartments. Natural Signature series are dedicated for space-saving and always available to reallocate, their conceptional design fully utilise your creativity on rearranging the furniture, instead, you don't have to struggle for moving bulky pieces here and there because all of the furniture are easy to disassemble. 

Self-contained apartments combine living room, bedroom, and dining room in one space, it's pretty obvious that sofas or dining set shouldn't be considered when you move into the mentioned apartment. ZEN Platform Wooden Bed comes with a size that can accommodate both queen and king size mattress, good news for solitaries, you can place both of your single-sized mattress and cushion set on the other side.

 Whole set sample can be seen in our Taman Molek showroom.

Anti-dust storage keeps your stuff clean and tidy, it's especially ideal for self-contained apartment so that you won't have to use up more space for items that you seldom needed. 

Slender book shelves or a playful divider? Whatever! This DOREMI Open Shelves come in 3 individual boxes, which is mean you can buy them in any kind of combination you prefer! Divider in default height can be useful for separating your space into different sectors, but not when you're in a studio apartment and every pieces you chose has to be considered meticulously. If there is a starter pack for studio apartment, then apparently these open shelves are listed, their high flexibility and easy to move is all you need for your daily convenience. 

We've came to an age when unhealthy lifestyle kicks in but you barely got chance to avoid it. Solitaries live alone in studio apartment needs a convenient table for both dining and working use, hence this TWINS Coffee Table is really useful for many activities. Swivel it in an L-shape so that you can place your dinner on the other side while you're trying to complete your task. Extend it into a vertical long coffee table when your friends visited for gathering or put the smaller part back to normal size, it's up to your decision. Of course, we still recommend everyone to avoid multitasking while having your dinner, because it's really an unhealthy habit, though.

Despite of their useful concept applied on every furniture design, Natural Signature kept every imperfection that was born with the rubber tree itself. Wood knots and knotholes might look like a stain or scar to you, but they're are actually leading to the mission of less wastage and eco-friendly, not only because they're one and only.

If you're keen to more natural wood furniture, our showroom in both Taman Molek and Danga Utama are waiting for your visit! For more information about rubber wood furniture from Natural Signature, move on to this page.

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