What is Pre-Ordering? Pre-Ordering allows you to get a significantly better price. You order an item before it reaches our showroom. You are effectively exchanging having your order delivered after inventory arrived for a significant discount.

Why do we offer you so much discount for Pre-Ordering?

  • We save on warehousing and storage costs and pass these savings on to you.
  • We want to make our furniture more affordable and if you Pre-Order we can consolidate your order with other customers who have pre-ordered the same item.
  • This allows us to get bulk prices on our purchases and you are the beneficiary.

    Pre-Order Arrival Date

    The Arrival Date is the date that we have scheduled the shipment containing your item to arrive in Malaysia. The shipment needs to be processed at the port which involves quarantine and customs clearance and then it is dispatched to our warehouse. Once the container reaches our warehouse, it is unpacked and sorted for shipment to our customers. This process typically takes around two weeks and is dependent on whether there is a hold up in quarantine, and how busy the receiving port (Pasir Gudang) is. Please note that this is an expected Arrival Date (ETA), which may change over time.

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